In general, the institute’s core vision is to combine leading interdisciplinary scholarly research on Nusantara studies and engage in innovative programming and collaborative dialogue in terms of partnership with the wider global community. In the academic stage, the institute seeks to stimulate and encourage knowledge exchange and production that reflects the diversity and intercourse among diverse areas, and contributes critically to the field of knowledge on Nusantara and diaspora studies. The work of the institute is qualitative, comparative and historically driven as well as providing policy insights on pertinent issues in the world today. At the top of our agenda, we also aim to provide a facilitating forum of a hub of excellence for diverse cooperation in reviving the Nusantara Renaissance.


  • Golong Gilig Knowledge Production

To produce some academic materials based on research: Books, Journal, Working Papers, and Articles.

  • Golong Gilig Public Policy Consultant

To design public policy and budgeting for the development of Indonesian government based on academic materials.

  • Golong Gilig Nusantara Treasury

To treasure the legacy of Nusantara studies by means of an interdisciplinary research.

  • Golong Gilig Visual Arts

To revive visual arts on Nusantara studies such as documentary film-making, photo exhibition and other visual art products.

  • Golong Gilig Disseminations

To manage Seminar, Symposium, Conference, Discussion, Public Lectures.

  • Golong Gilig Residency Fellowship for Nusantara Diaspora

To intitiate a residency fellowship program for Nusantara Diaspora (e.g. researchers, artists, and experts) residing several months in Indonesia, especially in Yogyakarta city, for learning ancestral heritages while sharing their own cultures to the natives

  • Golong Gilig Nusantara Youth Exchange Program

To initiate youth exchange program for Nusantara Diaspora residing several weeks in Indonesia, especially in Yogyakarta city, in favor of nurturing a future agent of changes whose responsibility to preserve Nusantara cultures at abroad.

  • Golong Gilig Press

To publish student thesis on Nusantara and Diaspora studies.

  • Golong Gilig Intergovernmental Relations

To provide a facilitating forum of a hub of excellence for diverse cooperation between Nusantara diaspora communities and the Indonesian government.

  • Golong Gilig Festival and Parallel Events

To manage the festivals and participate social activities in terms of preserving Nusantara culture and heritages.