Public Lecture of Javanese Suriname has Concluded


On April 21st, 2017 Department of Cultural Anthropology Universitas Gadjah Mada managed a Public Lecture on Javanese Suriname. The event runs for four hours with all participants attending the event with enthusiasm. Presentation begins by Mrs. Hariette Mingoen explains the history and origins of the existence of the Javanese colonies in Suriname. He also described the struggle of Javanese-Suriname’s first and second generation to adapt and survive in Suriname, as well as migration to the Netherlands and Indonesia that occurred after World War II. The presentation continued with exposure to the efforts of Javanese in Suriname and the Netherlands to preserve Javanese culture in Suriname and the Netherlands.

The event continued with the exposure by Mr. Soehirman Patmo. He played videos about the Javanese in Suriname and the Netherlands, followed by tribal statistics in Suriname. He also explained that education is one of the important things that the Javanese are trying to pursue in Suriname as an effort to survive. Not a few third-generation Java-Surinamese migrate to the Netherlands and other countries to pursue education. This is what makes the Javanese people in Suriname become relatively more educated than other tribes in Suriname.

Also attended the event, Surya Kenchana of the Javanese Association of Singapore. He also added that there is a Javanese gathering in Singapore. The association has been registered with the Government of Singapore and is actively conserving Javanese culture in Singapore. Public Lecture then closed with question and answer session and concluded by moderator, Prof. Dr. Irwan Abdullah that the Diaspora Issue is not only limited to the spread of one ethnic in another, but also related to their cultural preservation efforts. The factors of globalization and the ease of human movement also become one of the factors driving the diaspora process of society along with its culture.